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We use the Thuiswinkel waarborg Terms & Conditions, but to make it easy for you. Here are the most important services and guarantees from Hificorner Art.


Not happy with your purchase?

We want ONLY happy customers, so that means if you receive your product you got 14 days to claim a return / refund. Not happy means 100% money back guarantee. 


How to get your money back? Contact us, use the form below, we will respond during working days within 3 days. You will get your refund within 8 days when received your return.


Return Shipping Costs 

You will pay for the return shipment when you are not satisfied with your order, the average shipping costs are between 10-45 euros, depending on size and weight and insurance.

2 years of warranty on all printed arts

Warranty applies only when the product is used in normal conditions, like hanging on the wall, not in direct sunlight or wet environments. Best is to place the art in living room environment.




Ask our international support team, we speak English & Dutch.

Good to know

We ship all orders within 3 working days, after we processed your payment.

We work from monday-friday.

Where only closed on December 25th and 26th.

When you use this form, you can expect an e-mail back within 2-3 working days.

Not happy with your purchase? Use this form to let us know. We process returns within 7 working days.

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